Company History

AUMADA ENERGY & TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN BHD, (AUMADA), was incorporated in Malaysia in 1998 to supply Hot Water Solutions and other Technologies and Services within the “Green Circle” for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. With many years of experience and detailed knowledge of various energy systems, AUMADA has specialized in supplying our clients tailor-made system-integrations for the individual projects. With our in-house engineering capacity, and through a smart partnership with technology leaders from Europe, Australia, USA and China, AUMADA is able to provide complete systems utilizing the latest technology available and to offer energy efficient and cost effective solutions – optimized for the local requirements.

AUMADA has established itself with its own innovative system designs and being recognized in the market as a system integrator; mastering and utilizing multiple energy sources to achieve even higher energy and cost savings.

AUMADA is as such being recognized for its innovative design to recover energy from air-condition and chiller systems – the TERC® Concept - which has been endorsed by leading air-condition and chiller manufactures’ to carry full warranty for both the refrigeration plant as well as the hot water plant. AUMADA is further providing energy auditing-, energy monitoring- and energy management services and is therefore able to recommend solutions and document savings based on real data.

AUMADA expands its activities throughout South East Asia through a Partnership and Dealer Network. To support and assist our clients with the import of our products most cost efficiently, The AUMADA System Solutions have been approved under the CEPT Scheme that allow clients inside the ASEAN agreement to import the products down to 0% import duty under the CEPT Scheme. The AUMADA System Solutions are further entitled to the highest level of energy incentives given by the Malaysian Government directly to the end-users.