What We Do

AUMADA develop and supply energy saving solutions with proven performance for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

AUMADA is your one-stop solution provider of turnkey energy efficient system solutions for diverse environments ranging from tropical and subtropical Asian climates to temperate and cold European climates. Using proactive system integration Aumada designs upgrading- or replacement solutions for any type of application and demand.

The internationalization of Aumada has been steadily growing since incorporated in 1998. Aumada solutions are saving energy and operational cost in most of Southeast Asia and by virtue of the recognition of system performances and expertise the expansion continues.

AUMADA initially intruduced the "Smart Hot Water Concept", which is an integration of the latest technologies offering our clients solutions that:

  • has the highest system energy efficiency
  • longer lifespan, but maintain efficiency over lifespan
  • minimize operation cost
  • able to utilize or combine energy sources such as but not limited to: solar, heat recovery, heat pump, gas, electric, diesel

Today with the necessity to conserve energy it is not enough to look at energy efficient equipment alone but also analyze the individual project in terms of minimizing the energy requirement before actual equipment is chosen.

AUMADA has therefore widened its services to share its experience in Total Energy Management from planing stage to implementation stage and in a Strategic Green Allinance with other Energy Expert; AUMADA offers services such as:

  • Integrating building design to minimize energy consumption
  • Energy Measuring, Energy Monitoring Systems & Energy Management Systems
  • Analyze piping and other distribution systems to minimize Energy Loss and Energy Consumption
  • Textile Ventilation or Fabric Ducts
  • Cooling and Ventilation Systems - integrated with Hot Water Production
  • Preventive Maintenance Systems