Today, most of our electricity is generated using the fossil fuel and nuclear power. However, the depleting fossil fuel and hazard of nuclear power have led us moving forward to a more sustainable alternative energy. Hence, the renewable energy industry is growing rapidly to keep up with this demand. Renewable energy is clean comparing to conventional way of producing electricity that has high emission of CO2.

The high volume of Co2 that is being release into the atmosphere is the main factor of global warming. Many parties have already taken initiative to play their role to solve the global warming issue.


Examples of renewable energy are small hydro, solar, wind, geothermal biomass and biogas. AUMADA can combine free energy from the sun,wind and water to give the highest savings and system performance both ON-GRID or OFF-GRID design.

The on-grid power system is system that is connected to the electrical grid of electric utility. The FiT (feed in tariff) is a scheme where end user can generate power for its own usage then subsequently sell excess energy back to the utility company( eg : TNB, SESB).

The off-grid power system is a standalone power system. In this case, excess energy is stored in the battery to compensate during peak usage period and low production of power.


AUMADA's 3rd generation lighting solutions using LED and T5 technologies are the lights of the future offering long life and energy savings up to 80%.