About LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

ledLEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductors that convert electrical power into light. From their beginnings, as indicator lights for electronics, LEDs have advanced into the future of lighting. Key to this ascension is their energy efficiency, long life and the lack of toxic Mercury and heavy metals found in fluorescent lights.

Why LED Lighting?

There are many reasons to choose or change to LED technology as your lighting source.

  1. Energy Efficiency – LED consumes 30-80% less than conventional lights
  2. Effectiveness – LED technology produce more lumens
  3. Life Span – LED has up to 5 times as long life as conventional lights
  4. Environmentally Friendly – LEDs are 100% recyclable.
  5. Durability - LEDs are made of plastic and contain no filaments or fragile glass.
  6. Reduced Heat – LED reduce cooling costs.
  7. No UV – No ultraviolet light is emitted by LED lighting.