Heat Pumps

Wizard® Heat Pump – AUMADA is able to offer one of the most comprehensive heat pump programs available, from small Domestic stand alone units (Plug and Play) to large Commercial/ Industrial products as well as for Pool Heating applications.

Besides having direct access to world market leaders of Heat Pump technologies, AUMADA OEM manufactures our products to our own specifications and under strict product quality control to meet the standards and requirements for the Asian market.

The Wizard® Heat Pump Series are offered as indoor units uniquely designed for utilizing the cool air or as outdoor models designed to withstand the tough weather conditions.

Wizard Heat Pumps are available as follows:

  • Air-to-Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Water-to-Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Chilled Water-to-Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • High Temperature Heat Pumps
  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps